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    Responsive, Reliable, and Competent combined with the highest ethical standards. These pillars define R2C’s Products and Services and form our legacy of providing solutions that deliver leading capabilities, reliability, performance and life-cycle value. R2C’s proudest accomplishment has been earning our Customer’s trust, and we work without compromise to be worthy of that trust each and every day.

    Below is a listing of R2C Product offerings:

    Part Number Normaenclature
    R2C 18AC5100 CCA, Squib Inhibit
    R2C 18AC5480 Payload, Inert
    R2C 16AC1050A Air Conditioner
    R2C 17AE54820 Trainer, Aircrew - Upgrade kit I
    R2C 17AC74831 Trainer, Aircrew - Upgrade kit II
    R2C 16AD15000 Power Supply, RF Emitter

    For pricing information on any Product or Service, please email request to RFQ@R2C-SS.com

  • Program and Project Management

    R2C SUPPORT SERVICES personnel have significant Program and Project Management experience with a number of large, complex project management endeavors, many of which have been located in remote and challenging environments. As part of our integrated team approach with our clients, we adopt a value-driven approach to defining and articulating business and project objectives before identifying the most effective means to deliver. We adhere to a simple strategy: innovative, on-time and on-budget delivery; All-The-Time, Anywhere, Every Time.

    We work with our clients through the Integrated Product Team (IPT) format to provide expertise in the following areas:

    • Business Development
    • Requirements Identification
    • Scope of Work development
    • Work breakdown structure development
    • Technical Execution Strategies
    • Risk mitigation opportunities
    • Development of key Performance Parameters (KPPs)
    • Establishing baselines (scope, cost, and schedule)
    • Establishing entry / exit criteria for Program phases
    • Monitoring the process and measuring success through established metrics
    • Delivery of Product
    • Program close-out

    At R2C SUPPORT SERVICES, we have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn.

  • Systems Engineering & Mechanical Design

    R2C professionals take a Systems Engineering approach which leverages the interdisciplinary process to ensure that the customer's needs are satisfied throughout a system's entire life cycle. This process, known as “SIMILAR” is comprised of the following seven tasks:

    • S
      tate the ptoblem

      Stating the problem is the most important systems engineering task. It entails identifying customers, understanding customer needs, establishing the need for change, discovering requirements and defining system functions.

    • I
      nvestigate alternatives

      Alternatives are investigated and evaluated based on performance, cost and risk.

    • M
      odel the system

      Running models clarifies requirements, reveals bottlenecks and fragmented activities, reduces cost and exposes duplication of efforts.

    • I

      Integration means designing interfaces and bringing system elements together so they work as a whole. This requires extensive communication and coordination.

    • L
      aunch the system

      Launching the system means running the system and producing outputs -- making the system do what it was intended to do.

    • A
      ssess performance

      Performance is assessed using evaluation criteria, technical performance measures and measures -- measurement is the key. If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it. If you cannot control it, you cannot improve it.

    • R

      Re-evaluation should be a continual and iterative process with many parallel loops.

    R2C personnel Represent mechanical engineering considerations within multi-disciplinary development teams and provide situational leadership to help drive projects to technical and business success. Typically R2C personnel interact with our valued clients through the Integrated Product Team (IPT) format and support meetings, presentations, design reviews and informal interactions. This process builds trust and respect through our highly collaborative development process and greatly increases project success.

  • Logistics and Materiel Management

    R2C SUPPORT SERVICES Materials Engineers apply principles of chemistry, physics, and material behavior to develop metallic, non-metallic and composite material and processing specifications, fabrication and assembly processes. In addition to the science of engineering design and application in structures, systems and subsystems market trends and public policy is monitored to determine their impact on industry.

    R2C personnel perform material analyses which may include failure analysis of components, component life predictions, and definition and requirement specifications recommendations. In addition, our Material Engineers review material processing procedures and directly support Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Materiel Shortages (DMSMS) and Obsolescence Management plans.

    These capabilities greatly reduce waste, allow for maintenance forecasting, extend life-span of the platform and reduce Total Ownership Cost.

  • Integrated Logistics Support Planning

    Integrated Logistics Support Planning directs the identification and development of logistics support and system requirements for military systems, with the goal of creating systems that last longer and require less support, thereby reducing costs and increasing return on investments. R2C SUPPORT SERVICES offers capability in all 10 elements of ILS listed below to ensure the Warfighter receives The Right Item at The Right Place at The Right Time.

    • Reliability engineering, Maintainability engineering and Maintenance (preventive, predictive and corrective) Planning
    • Supply (Spare part) Support
    • Support and Test Equipment/Equipment Support
    • Manpower and Personnel
    • Training and Training Support
    • Technical Data / Publications
    • Computer Resources Support
    • Facilities
    • Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHS&T)
    • Design Interface

    R2C Personnel hold advanced degrees in Logistics and have real-world experience working within the military and civilian sectors to ensure the Warfighter is supported to the fullest extent.

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